Six Winter Days

Historical fiction published April, 2014

A teenage boy in the Revolutionary War learns about love, life, and loyalty when he changes from Tory to rebel at the brutal battles of Trenton-2 and Princeton.

In the last days of 1776, two teenage brothers walk westward from Princeton, NJ. They’re trying to get to Allentown because their mother wants them to get away from the war. On the journey, they’re attacked by rebels, farmers, a murderous British soldier, and an angry winter goose. Even a pretty girl takes a shot.

They can’t take the main road to Trenton, because it’s clogged with rebels, so they take the back road, which leads them straight in to the brutal battle of Trenton-Two.

Author’s note on style: Six Winter Days┬ástarts on a Sunday and ends on a Friday.There’s no backstory, no flashbacks. I don’t describe the Stamp Act Congress or the Boston Tea Party. I expect that┬áreaders will know the causes of the American Revolution, so I don’t bore them with any historical details unless they’re related to the story.

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