Miller’s Chapel

A strikingly beautiful dark-skinned librarian falls for a white computer programmer whose obsession with graveyards puts her in danger from a racist killer.

A teenage boy notices initials carved into a headstone at a run-down graveyard in New Jersey. Twenty years later he sees the same initials on a headstone in Chicago. Somebody killed that poor girl in New Jersey, and now he’s in Chicago.

Ben Bradshaw has a hobby. He takes a sheet of special paper, fastens it to a headstone, and rubs it with a wax object. The image of the headstone appears on his side of the paper. While doing Oscar F. Mayer, a security guard sees him. Ben plows into a headstone that bears the initials, ‘MC’ in the lower left. They’re the same size, same location, exactly the same as the initials he saw on the grave in New Jersey twenty years ago.

Miller’s Chapel is a multi-cultural mystery and is still in discussion with the publisher.

oscarmayergrave OscarMayerCropped


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